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Naturopathy, Colonic Hydrotherapy & Osteopathy in Swansea

Registered Osteopath in Swansea; Naturopathy & Colonic Hydrotherapy in Port Talbot, Bridgend, Llanelli & surrounding area

I have been passionate about helping people with health problems for many years. I graduated from The British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy in 1970 and I set up my practice as an osteopath & naturopath in Swansea 28 years ago.

After working as a Swansea osteopath and naturopath for a number of years I qualified as a Colonic Hydrotherapist 15 years ago and more recently in BIOSCAN Testing.

My multi-disciplinary practice in Swansea offers osteopathy, naturopathy, massage therapy, colonic hydrotherapy & BIOSCAN testing for those in the area around Port Talbot, Bridgend and Llanelli. The Swansea Clinic of Natural Medicine is at 20 Walter Road, not far from the centre of Swansea.

Please read my Blog below about how you can now get your DNA tested. A DNA test will indicate what your health's strengths & weaknesses are and how you can improve your health and what you should and should not be eating.

Conditions Treated

I have had many years experience at helping a wide variety of conditions, such as back, neck, knee, shoulder and musculo-skeletal problems with osteopathy. And with my naturopathic background I help people to achieve optimum health and well-being in general. I specialise in advising many patients with gastrointestinal problems and colon hydrotherapy has become very popular in recent years. Please call or email me if you want to know more about what can be helped, or if you need to know whether your own particular condition can be treated.
I regularly attend meetings of the South Wales Osteopathic Society, The British Naturopathic Association (BNA), The BNA Cancer Study Group and The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH). Increasingly I am attending CAM meetings in London where I have been hearing the latest research and natural treatments for Alzheimers, Cancer, gluten sensitivity and so many other subjects, It is excting getting all the latest information from around the world.

Conditions Treated and Therapies used:-

Naturopathy I am passionate about helping people and helping patients to improve their health. Naturopathy is a system of primary health care that helps to build health and improve vitality. A naturopath helps to discover and treat the underlying causes of ill-health and not just the symptoms. This allows the body to heal itself. Lifestyle changes, good nutrition, exercise, supplements, herbs, osteopathy and hydrotherapy are some of the methods used to help. Naturopathy is all about helping to discover all the various causes of a person's ill health. There may be several and all of these have to be considered and treated for the body to regain full vitality.
I specialise in helping people who have bowel & digestive disorders and problems with fatigue. such as ME/CFS, thyroid and adrenal problems. Please see the section on the next page under Naturopathy for fuller details.

Osteopathy focuses on problems with joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues in the body. An osteopath diagnoses and treats the faults that occur in the musculoskeletal system, commonly because of over-strain, injury or stress. It helps with many types of pain such as arthritic and rheumatic pain. I commonly see patients with neck, shoulder, knee & hip problems as well as general backache and pain from injuries such as falls, whiplash, cramp and sciatica. Helping people with frozen shoulder is a special interest.

Colon Hydrotherapy A colonic is a very gentle procedure that uses warm water to cleanse the large intestine. Colonics will help digestive health and bowel function. Colonic Hydrotherapy has become very popular in recent years and many patients find it is an essential therapy to improve and maintain their health in general. Please see page 2 for more information.

BIOSCAN testing The Bioscan system helps to highlight anything that is putting stress on the body and where that stress is occurring. These stresses may be anything from emotional problems, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxins or food sensitivities.
Its rather like having a full body MOT to discover all the unbalanced areas of the body. Then treatment is applied to those areas under stress.

Please explore the next pages for fuller information. And if you have any queries please send an email from my home page or call the clinic in Swansea on the number below. I am very happy to answer any queries by phone or email.

The clinic is situated 11 miles from Port Talbot, 25 miles from Bridgend and 12.5 miles from Llanelli

In recent times I have become increasingly interested in Energy Medicine and because of this I have now incorporated the hand-held miHealth into much of my musculo-skeletal work. The miHealth has been extremely helpful in the treatment of muscle tension, muscle spasm, sports injuries, torn muscles, shin splints and acute & chronic back conditions.
The amazing Bioscan system helps to analyse and treat patients with many varied health problems. I believe Energy Medicine will play an increasingly large part in healthcare during the years to come.

A Favourite Quote.....

"One of the great myths about natural medicines is that they are not scientific. The fact of the matter is that for most common illnesses there is greater support in the medical literature for a natural approach than there is for drugs or surgery." — Dr. Michael T. Murray, Bastyr University, Seattle, U.S.A.

My latest Blog Entry

July/August 2017 Blog

Important Items in the News

1) Vaccination: The authodox mantra is that vaccines are safe and you can safely get your children vaccinated or receive the flu vaccination each winter. But along with many others I do not believe this is true. In fact I believe the direct opposite.
If vaccinations were safe why is it that at Dec 2014 the U.K. Government have paid out £73,000,000 to vaccine injury victims!!! This is your tax money. Vaccine manufacturers are not held liable for vaccine injuries! The Government pays because the drug companies make sure they are not held to be liable.
And the Americans have paid out over $3.5 billion since their compensation programme was established in the late 1980's.
At the moment I am trying to help a patient who has twice been injured by vaccines. She is not an isolated patient with these problems.
Please educate yourselves about this subject, especially before you submit to a vaccination. A well cared-for immune system I believe is the best insurance for avoiding any serious illness.
Drug companies argue that there is no 'scientific' evidence that vaccines cause injury. But very happily a week ago the European
Court of Justice ruled that a vaccine can be blamed for triggering a disease or causing harm even when there isn't any scientific evidence to establish a link. The court said that they had heard specific and consistent evidence to make this ruling, despite the counter arguments by the drug companies.

And on to a far less controversial topic!!:----

2) Osteoarthritis
New research recently published by the University of Surrey runs counter to the current understanding that osteoarthritis is an expected part of the ageing process.
Ali Mobasheri, Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiology at the University of Surrey, stated: "For too long osteoarthritis has been known as the ‘wear and tear disease’ and it has been assumed that it is part and parcel of getting older.
He states that this is not the case and what we have learned is that we can control and prevent the onset of this painful condition. He goes on to say that,
"It is important never to underestimate the significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle as not only does it impact upon our general well-being but can alter the metabolic behaviour of our cells, tissues and organs leading to serious illnesses."
Where have we heard this said before in relation to the onset of other types of sickness and disease?!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, sunny and joyful Summer!

May/June 2017 Blog

Health in the News

The publishers WDDTY (What Doctors Don't Tell You) have been publishing information about one of the thorns in the side of Alternative Medicine in recent years, Simon Singh, who heads up a charity called Sense About Science. He makes the claim that sugar is not harmful and that it does not feed cancer. But he is now known to receive funding from Coca Cola. Surprise! Surprise!
Coca Cola is also spreading dis-information that obesity is being caused by lack of exercise and not sugary drinks.

”Doctor in the House”

I wonder if you are watching the new series on BBC One on Monday evenings with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee? He moves in and lives with families to try and help them with their health problems. He studies the family's lifestyle and gives suggestions to help improve their health. He has been very successful.
Dr. Chatterjee was recently chosen to head up some research for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. The treatment protocols to be used are the ones that have been developed with great success by Dr. Dale Bredensen in California. Amazingly Dr Bredensen's treatments have been used to reverse Alzheimer's Disease using nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes.


The British Medical Journal published an article recently that pointed out that Statins can cause some bad side-effects. Critics of the article have tried to get the article retracted, but an independent review has concluded that the drugs do cause significant side effects (e.g. liver problems, diabetes, muscle aches and weakness) The BMJ stands by the original article and it is not being retracted.

April/May 2017 Blog


We have all been hearing a lot about the subject of sugar in the news and the Government's endeavours to try and reduce the amount of sugar we all consume. So I thought this month it would be useful to know why sugar is not good for our bodies and our health.

There are many reasons and I will outline some of them:
1. Sugar upsets the mineral balances and interferes with calcium, magnesium and protein absorption. This is one of the reasons for tooth decay and osteoporosis. I went to the dentist the other day and my dentist told me that the week before he had to extract all the teeth of a 5 year old as the teeth had all decayed so much!!!!!!
2. Sugar causes chromium deficiency. Chromium is important to control our blood sugar levels. If we don't have enough chromium we start to crave sugar and other sweet foods.
3. The body changes sugar in the bloodstream to fat several times more than compared to starch. Sugar causes obesity—not the consumption of fat.
4. Sugar is addictive and intoxicating.
5. Sugar feeds cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warberg's pioneering research in the 1920 &30's revealed that “Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” All people with cancer need to stop consuming sugar. Sadly our doctors do not inform patients of this important scientific fact.
6. Sugar greatly promotes uncontrolled growth of yeast infections (candida)
7. It worsens the symptoms of children with ADHD
8. It increases the risk of infections by suppressing the immune system.
9. Sugar promotes chronic degenerative disease.

There are many more! But I have said enough. Sugar in many forms is in many foods and drink, but one of the worst forms is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and one to avoid at all costs. This is a sweetener that is made from corn and is found in many of the food items that we eat and drink today. It is considered to be deadly, not only because of the amount of sugar that goes into it, but also because of the health risks that it can cause, many of which I've mentioned above.

If you have to have sugar in your food or drink you may use a little xylitol in moderation, or a little honey.

There are quite a few very good cook books that are available showing how one can produce delicious and even sweet food without having to use lots of sugar. Try one of the ones by Amelia Freer or Susan White.

March/April 2017 Blog

Fake News
Fake news is very much a topic of the moment and the problem is who and what are we supposed to believe?!
I want to give an example that happened during the last few weeks with the announcement of a new documentary film “Vaxxed”.
Right before and after its showing there was a media frenzy denouncing it as being 'total rubbish' and saying that no one should believe anything about it. They tried to make out that the film was about the 'disgraced' Dr.Andrew Wakefield and because he had been struck off by the GMC he was not to be believed. But I will give you some other facts.
The documentary is not about Dr. Wakefield.
It is about a massive cover up by the CDC in the U.S. The CDC was set up to protect the public.
The cover up concerned the concealing of evidence that connected the use of the MMR vaccine with autism.
Dr.Wakefield is a distinguished gastroenterologist who only said a decade ago that there might be a connection with bowel problems in some youngsters who had received the vaccine and autism.
Dr. Wakefield said that more research should be done in order to see if there was this connection.
His studies have since been replicated 28 times in different parts of the world!!!!
At the time of his findings Dr.Wakefield's research and statements were twisted to make him out to be a villain and not the vaccine.
Dr. Wakefield is not anti-vaccination, in fact he is quite the opposite. He is a conventional doctor and does not work in the Alternative field.
You can read a more detailed report of the shenanigans of the CDC here and on other pages of the ANH website:
I urge everyone to watch “Vaxxed”—autism has huge implications for the World's health care systems and everyone should be aware of these. One scientist from M.I.T. estimates that by the year 2032, fifty% of all youngsters will be on the austistic spectrum!!!!!
You can see the documentary here:

This is a report about it.

Damage from vaccinations is a reality for some. I have recently been consulted by a teenager damaged by the HPV vaccine five years ago. She is virtually bed-ridden. She was a keen student and sports-person but was made ill by the vaccine virtually overnight.

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