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Blog January/February 2020

I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and managed to stay healthy! If not then I’ll emphasize that to stay healthy the supplements, I outlined in my previous blog, are almost mandatory, especially Vitamin D and C. In my estimation—and others—they are more effective than any flu jab. And if you're concerned about the Coronavirus please start taking these now!

Good news! In their recent annual report the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ (AAPCC) showed that during 2018 there were no deaths from the use of vitamin & mineral supplements, herbs or homeopathic remedies. And this was the same for previous years as well. This is in contrast to the use of pharmaceuticals which contributed to the third leading cause of death in both the U.K. & U.S.A., after cancer and heart disease!

New research has shown that prescribing aspirin to prevent and treat a heart attack is not nearly as effective as using Vitamin E. This modern research wonderfully vindicates the work done by the famous Shute brothers, Canadian doctors, who were successfully treating heart disease in the late 1940’s using Vitamin E!!

Vit D I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for all of us to use a Vit D supplement long term. Most people are deficient! Including myself when I recently got myself tested!!
Why is it important? Because it not only helps us to have strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. A huge amount of recent research shows that it is an important factor in the prevention of chronic disease including cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, age related macular degeneration and Alzheimer’s, as well as infections such as colds and flu.
Even if we take a daily supplement we may not be getting enough, as I found out with myself! Take at least 4000iu daily. You would need to take a huge dose eg 30.000IU’s daily to cause any toxicity.
Better still please get your blood levels measured. If your GP won’t do this for you (and mine wouldn’t!!) there are several sites on the Internet where you can get a kit with which to get tested. For example use: @15 Cambridge Nutritional Sciences:
It costs £40.80. They’ll send a kit and something to prick your finger with. Send the blood sample back to them in the post and you’ll get the result in a couple of weeks. The report they send will tell you how much your level is of Vit D.
Ironically the recent research showed that one of the important conditions it helped prevent was skin cancer. If you use a lot of sun tan lotion (that prevents Vit D being formed from the sun on your skin) you may be quite deficient!
If you have any problems getting a test, please let me know.

5G I know I keep banging on about this subject, but many scientists are very worried the roll out of 5G for mobile phones will cause much ill health. No proper health safety studies have been done, even though we are assured they have!
And just today it has been announced on “The News” that in the New Year thousands of satellites are to be launched into space to improve ‘internet reception’. What they haven’t told us is that these are all for 5G reception! They seem to be keeping quiet about that! As if there isn’t enough litter and leftover old satellites in space already.

Blog November/December 2019

Seasonal Advice
If you are prone to flu and colds at this time of the year please protect yourself. The best way to do so is to take at least 1000 mg of good quality Vit C daily in addition to Vit D, using at least 2000IU daily.
If you happen to get a bad cold or flu, supplements containing substances such as elderberry, Vit C & D, beta glucans, zinc and echinacea will all help to get you better again.
Everyone should be taking a Vitamin D supplement, especially during the 6 winter months. Research is showing that Vit D is absolutely essential to everyone to protect against many illnesses, including cancer. Most of us do not get enough, even in summer.
Also include a fish oil supplement in your diet. I regards taking these supplements as an absolute minimum for maintaining good health.

Nutritional Psychiatry
A few weeks ago I attended a most interesting two day seminar in London where treating mental problems with nutrition was discussed. One of the keynote speakers was a psychiatrist from Massachusetts U.S.A., James Greenblatt MD. He is an acknowledged integrative medicine expert and has lectured throughout the United States and other countries on the scientific evidence for nutritional interventions in psychiatry and mental illness.
There are an increasing number of medical doctors around the world who realise that nutrition is a most important component when treating any illness, including mental illness. Most mental illness can’t be treated properly just by using medication!
Dr. Greenblatt spoke in particular on suicide, anorexia, eating disorders and depression. I wish I could pass on all he talked about, it was so inspiring listening to a psychiatrist talking about the importance of good nutrition!!
For example many patients “diet” prior to the onset of an eating disorder. He emphasised that in many cases veganism and vegetarianism are a risk factor. Such diets have the potential to cause micronutrient deficiencies, such as B12 and zinc and also essential fatty acid deficiency. Deficiency of these important nutrients can cause: depression, personality changes, memory loss, dementia, violent behaviour, tremors, psychosis, suicide risk etc etc.
As I have pointed out in these columns before, the brain is 60% fat and we need a constant supply of good fat in our diets to keep the brain healthy.

Dr Greenblatt talked about this subject in the afternoon of the seminar. He highlighted the dangers of anti-depressant drugs. Most of the medication in this class of drugs have the warning: “In short-term studies, antidepressants increased the risk of suicidal thinking and behaviour in children, adolescents, and young adults (<24 years) taking antidepressants for major depressive disorders and other psychiatric illnesses”.
This is quite shocking really!
Unreported news about school shootings in the U.S. have shown that many of the perpetrators have been on antidepressant medication!

Fake News
There is so much of this being spread by most of the media at the moment it makes it very hard to distinguish between what is fake and what is the truth. I urge all my readers to explore what the ‘other side of the story’ is. There is always another side! Whatever the subject, none more so in modern health care. Governments are keen to mandate certain health care policies whether it be vaccinations, smart meters or 5G. One must always ask “have there been independent safety studies?” In most cases the answer is NO.

Blog September/October 2019

Soft drinks and Juices
It was no surprise when it was announced recently that soft drinks, including fruit juices, can raise the risk of causing cancer. It has long been known that too much sugar is a cause of cancer, so it would be no surprise if the researchers had found that all sugary foods in general caused cancer.
As I have written before, it was Otto Warburg who pioneered the research into the metabolic causes for cancer and then further research carrying on from his showed that it was important to reduce sugar and insulin levels to help stop cancer. It is no wonder that obesity is also a cause of cancer. We must all reduce our consumption of sugar and sugary foods.
When we consume fruit, (and many types are high in sugar) the safest and best fruits to consume are berries, especially blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. Dark skinned fruits such as cherries and prunes are also good.
Try to get organic fruit if possible, especially as some fruit is contaminated with insecticides, particularly blueberries, peaches and nectarines. That is sad as all these are particularly delicious and buying organic can be so expensive!

Smart Meters
I have spoken of the potential dangers of these when they are installed in our homes. The pulsed EMF’s they emit are potentially dangerous. And now I read that a French court has ordered the removal of some meters that have caused a variety of health problems to some people in their homes. These meters do not reduce energy use! And now I see it is reported that a third of all smart meters fail, or “go dumb”!

Fats in our Diet
Good quality fat in our diet is highly important and essential to good nutrition, but the latest new report by the UK’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) is still advising us all to follow a low fat diet especially if we are overweight, have heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc. This is despite many of their scientific advisers giving submissions that a high fat diet is known to be scientifically and nutritionally highly advisable for the maintenance of good health and the prevention of chronic disease!!
A low fat diet is just another example of ‘fake news’.

Question Everything!
There is a lot of “fake” news out there, far more than we realise. Much of what we hear in the mainstream media is not the truth. There is ALWAYS another side to the story we are not being told. And mostly on purpose. I might write more about this in my next Blog. I have worked in alternative and complementary medicine most of my life and I know this to be true. There are also many other subjects in life where we are just not being told the truth.
I will repeat my strong suggestion again that if you do an internet search, particularly about natural medicine that you are far more likely to find what you need to know using a search engine such as DuckDuckGo than the more familiar one we all know well. Many websites around the world are being interfered with because they are telling the truth. @09 is just one of these. And now the @07 Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has seen its ‘hits’ become a lot fewer in just recent weeks. Both of these websites are very much worth a look at and contain a lot of valuable and scientific information.

Blog July/August 2019

Hazards of Today’s Living

Sadly there are many things happening in the life around us that are totally contrary to health and our trying to live a healthy lifestyle. All of us are up against increasing threats to our environment and I expect you are aware of these:
5G This new technology is fast being rolled out in many of our cities and in many other parts of the world in the interests of a faster internet. BUT, and there is a very big BUT, given the fact that mainstream media controls a large amount of people’s perception and awareness with regards to multiple issues, the health concerns regarding 5G are still largely off the radar on the minds of many.
A report published by Martin L. Pall, a PhD and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, has stated that “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”
These health concerns are exactly why Belgium is halting its 5G plans. Sadly our government is ignoring any health concerns. Once again big business and the Corporatocracy are winning.

Smart Meters
This is another technology that has not been subjected to enough independent research to know if it is safe to install in our homes.
Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at University of California, Santa Cruz, has studied smart meters. He found that given that smart meters operate 24/7, they emit 160 times more cumulative whole-body exposure than a cell phone. I for one refuse to have one installed.

How about some inspiring news?! Yes, I want to recommend another book I have recently read, especially if you’re interested in “NDE”. “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani. An amazing biography about how she was healed from cancer. The book is a best seller worldwide. Do read it. You will be inspired!!

And last but not least:
Search engines, I refer to not just several but the main search engine most people like to use. Try to ditch using it and use a search engine such as “DuckDuckGo.” This one will not on purpose cover up the truth and allow one to search for health topics before having to read the medical or pharmaceutical pages.
And more recently this main search engine that most people use now funds the online encyclopedia many like to use! As a result many of it’s entries are not reliable and are purposely being distorted by a panel of “writers”. As I have written before, on this encyclopedia all alternative therapies are now classed as ‘pseudoscience’, even osteopathy!! “Fake news” is everywhere, especially on the websites we all like to rely on!

And finally the healing results achieved by many hundreds of Power of Eight groups here in the U.K. and around the world have been nothing short of amazing. If you’d like to join a Power of Eight Group here in Swansea, please contact me. And if you haven’t read Lynne McTaggart’s book of the same name, please do so.

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