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Autumn Blog 2022

I get very frustrated when I hear the ‘News’ on the MSM that we are probably going to get a lot of flu this winter. How do they know?! And then the advice is to go along to your GP and get protected and receive the latest flu shot etc. We have a flu epidemic every winter. There is nothing new in that. But there is natural help and protection out there if you want to truly protect yourself.
I have not suffered a cold or flu for several years! Not even a bad ‘virus infection’! What do I do? I take 500mg twice daily of Vitamin C and 4000iu of Vitamin D daily. So I would strongly recommend to all my readers that they do the same. There is a huge amount of research and evidence that these nutritional supplements help to strengthen the immune system and give proper protection, not only against infections such a coughs, colds and flu, but against other illness and even cancer.
If you only do this one thing to protect your health, take Vitamin D and C on a regular basis. And I would urge you to go one step further and buy a pin prick Vitamin D test online and test your Vit D levels. Most people find that when tested that they have low levels of Vit D.

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that there are fewer posts than before. Yes, I have been forced to delete some of my blogs. The Internet Police have decided that I am posting too much ‘misinformation’ and have asked me to delete it otherwise ‘further action’ will be taken. That infers that my readers do not have the maturity or intelligence to make up their own minds whether what I post is true or false! Most of my posts are based on the latest research carried out by universities and other researchers around the world and even our Government’s research, such as from the Office of National Statistics. Most of this research is sadly ignored by our ‘authorities’, or they don’t want you to know, because it does not fit their narrative!

If you want to hear more news of an alternative nature then you might enjoy tuning into and watching GB News on your TV. I would especially recommend listening to it in the evening any time after 6pm on a weekday. You will get news that is not broadcast on the mainstream channels. Listen to people such as Neil Oliver or Mark Steyn. They will give you a different perspective on life and what is going on in our world.

Next time I will write more about Alzheimer's and how it can be prevented. Alzheimer's has now become the leading cause of death in the UK, overtaking both cardiovascular disease and cancer!! Yes! There is a lot of research going on to help people prevent and treat Alzheimer's. And as you may guess it doesn't come from the drug companies! Please contact me if you can't wait to learn more.

Very best wishes to you all.

Late Spring Blog 2022

Hay Fever:

As many suffer from this problem at this time of year I want to give you some excellent first aid tips. First drink plenty of nettle tea. You can use a bunch of leaves from fresh stinging nettles. Soak the leaves in a large mug or saucepan of boiling water for several minutes and then drink the resultant tea. Nettles have a very pleasant mild taste. They are also very nutritious and can help with other problems such as eczema. If you don't have any fresh nettles then use the nettle tea bags from a health food store.
If the hay fever is very persistent it may be necessary to use a supplement of quercetin twice a day preferably between meals. Get this from a health food store and use it along with nettle tea. And another supplement that helps a lot is "Pollinosan". It is made by Vogel and will be found in most health food stores.

Chronic Disease:

Other than the obvious problems that have overloaded our healthcare system the last two years, there has been an epidemic of chronic disease—heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, cancer etc. Heart disease and cancer are our two biggest killers (not C.v..d!!), but these two problems have not been properly addressed as to their cause or causes.
The other term that can be used to describe chronic disease is poor metabolic health.
The pharmaceutical industry makes vast profits throwing different drugs at these problems, but these drugs do not address the cause. Many people talk about healthcare, fewer talk about real health and very few talk about real food. Nobody talks about ultra-processed food that is driving our nation’s ill health. Processed food ultimately causes insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is when the cells of the body do not respond to insulin, and consequently blood sugar levels rise. Insulin resistance causes metabolic syndrome or chronic disease.
If we can eat healthy food and stay away from sugar and ultra-processed food our health will be so much better! Why can’t the NHS tell us this?

Hope you all enjoy the Summer!
Best wishes to all my readers.

With warm wishes to all my readers,

Spring Blog 2022

I thought I’d write an early Spring Blog as there is some exciting news that I have been reading from researchers at Harvard and is connected with Long Covid , a problem I am seeing more and more of in my clinic.
The Epstein-Barr virus is frequently present when we have a viral infection and often lurks permanently in our bodies. Do you remember its connection with glandular fever or M.E. from a few years ago?
It has also been found to be activated when people suffer from Covid-19 and as a result is present in Long Covid (extreme tiredness, brain fog, forgetfulness, headaches, muscle pains, chest tightness, cough, lack of taste or smell etc etc)
Because this ‘epidemic’ has gone on for so long, effective natural treatments have been been formulated. And yes, there are now good treatments available for Long Covid.
But now the amazing research coming out of Harvard is that the Epstein-Barr virus is likely to be the cause of M.S.(Multiple Sclerosis)!! And in addition that lack of Vitamin D is a common factor in both Covid and M.S.! So it looks as though there is now far more hope for sufferers of M.S. than hitherto.

So my repeated message is to keep taking Vitamin D, at least 2,000iu daily, as well as Vitamin C. Both Vit D & C are very important to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the Immune System. Research that came from Ireland earlier in the Pandemic showed that the majority of people who had died of Covid were deficient in Vitamin D.
I have also just learnt that “NICE”, (the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Evidence) have finally ‘accepted for review’ 18 studies on the benefits of Vitamin C. Don’t hold your breath that Vitamin C will become mainstream soon! There is huge bias against the medical use of Vitamin C largely because it makes no money! You may remember that during the height of the epidemic some hospitals around the world used intravenous infusions of Vitamin C to successfully treat serious cases of Covid. You didn’t read about that in your newspapers or hear about it on the BBC.

And one last thought taken from the UK’s ONS (Office for National Statistics): “Covid was the sole cause of death in just 17,000 people up to the end of the third quarter of 2021”. Compare this figure to that from Cancer Research UK who report that 166,000 people die every year from cancer. That converts into a monthly average of 7% Covid-caused deaths compared to deaths from cancer!! Where is our sense of proportion? What precautions are we taking to prevent cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer's that far outnumber cases of covid deaths?

I hope you enjoy the Spring.

Autumn Blog 2021

Mental and Brain Health

Most people do not know that the mineral Lithium can be used therapeutically in low doses. Lithium at high doses is used a lot in the treatment of mental health problems, particularly with bipolar disorders. It also has many uses in industry, especially in batteries. Lithium is a mineral and if used at low doses can be very helpful in the human body, particularly the brain.
Some psychiatrists around the world, who are interested in nutrition, now use it in low doses to help many problems very successfully. In fact it has many wonderful uses, especially to help improve brain health. It can help to form new brain cells and reduce the risk and prevent Alzheimer’s! And low dose Lithium is very safe to take on a regular basis, for anyone! You can view a very interesting article about it at:
Dr Jonathan Wright is one of the most highly respected and knowledgable doctors and honorary naturopaths in the world!
If you are interested in improving yours or someone else’s brain health, or think you may be getting dementia, low doses of Lithium are very safe to use!
I can let you know where to get some if necessary. Please email me.

My best wishes to you all until my next blog.

The Power of 8 If anyone of you is interested in joining a @16 healing group every Wednesday evening in Killay, please let me know. I suggest you email me. If you have read the book of the same name you will know what amazing healing is being done around the world.

My warm wishes to all my readers—and enjoy the sun without burning, it will help you to absorb Vit D, and it’s free!!

And finally the healing results achieved by many hundreds of Power of Eight groups here in the U.K. and around the world have been nothing short of amazing. If you’d like to join a Power of Eight Group here in Swansea, please contact me. We meet on a Wednesday evening. And if you haven’t read Lynne McTaggart’s book of the same name, please do so.

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