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December 2017/January 2018 Blog

Medical Statistics

Here are some interesting ones: In the U.S. in 2015 nearly 444,000 people died from pharmaceutical drugs. In the same year there were no deaths from supplements or herbs. What does that say about the safety of modern medicine?

Antibiotic Resistance

Apart from over-prescribing antibiotics for humans, one of the major sources of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance comes from animals for human consumption. Antibiotics are routinely used in animal feed to speed up growth and counteract poor hygiene and crowded living conditions that many animals are subjected to. Agricultural use of antibiotics is feeding and speeding up the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. Drug-resistant bacteria also accumulate in manure that is then spread on fields and enters waterways, allowing the drug-resistant bacteria to spread far and wide and ultimately back up the food chain to your dinner plate. You can see how easily antibiotic resistance spreads, via the food you eat.
The answer is to try and eat grass-fed, organically raised meats and animal products, as well as organic fruit & veg.

”The End of Alzheimer’s”

I’ve now had a chance to read and study this amazing and revealing book by Dr. Dale Bredesen. He has been researching this subject for the last 30 years and his book summarises the causes and his treatment plans. He is a Professor of Neurology at the University of California and is well qualified to understand the mechanisms behind the causes and successful treatment of Alzheimer’s.
Dr Bredesen and his team have identified the many potential factors or abnormalities that contribute to cognitive decline. They have identified thirty-six so far. He likens them to holes in a roof and says that in order to reverse these problems and help the person become well again, most of these 36 factors need treating. And he has become amazingly successful in reversing a high percentage of his patients, some even returning to work!!
In the book you can read about the lab tests he carries out to determine these ‘holes’ in the roof. Having identified the causes he can then individualise each person’s treatment. Everyone has different lab results and hence a different treatment plan. All his treatments are unique and personalised according to that person's physiology and lab results.
It is pure “naturopathy” he uses, identifying the causes and treating these using diet, lifestyle, detoxification, stress reduction and supplements. There will never be a drug that can cure this scourge of our modern society.
One important risk factor he underlines in his book are people who carry a certain gene—ApoE4. This is the strongest known genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s. So knowing whether you have this particular gene (as I do!!) one can initiate a preventative programme to reduce the risk before symptoms appear. I can arrange a genetic test for this if you wish to know!

October/November 2017 Blog

Infertility in Men

Overall, male fertility is declining. Many men only have 40% the number of sperm per ejaculate compared with levels in 1940.
In addition to common causes, such as smoking and alcohol there are lots of chemicals & pollutants in the environment, such as oestrogens in drinking water and bisphenol A (BPA) which leaches out of plastic containers and water bottles. Another source of pollutants are the hormones used in milk production. There is a long list of chemicals that can cause disruption of sperm production and there is only space to mention a few.
Another cause that is increasingly becoming apparent is the use of mobile phones and laptops and the radiation given off by them that affects sperm production. So, if you care about your reproductive health, avoid carrying your cellphone in your pockets or on your hip, and avoid using portable computers and tablets on your lap.

Good nutrition goes a long way to help male as well as female fertility. A good diet coupled with some targeted nutritional supplementation and herbs will be beneficial.

”NHS Winter Crisis Looming”--once again, and these headlines recur every year, the NHS has no real answer or strategy to cope with the increase of ill health—flu, pneumonia etc during the winter months.
What would good naturopathic advice be?: cut out sugar and junk food, increase the consumption of vegetables, salads and fruit; supplement on Vitamin D, Vitamin C, fish oil, and possibly a good quality multi-vit. If a cold or flu makes its appearance then start immediately to take one of the good quality supplements containing elderberry. If the majority of us in the U.K. did that our health would improve and I am sure the burden on the NHS would lessen dramatically!

Recommendation for two amazing new books:
1) “The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart. This is a summation of the work that Lynne McTaggart has pioneered at seminars over the last few years and how groups of people can bring about miraculous healings and changes in people. You can explore her website to learn more. This book is a must for anyone interested in healing.

2) I have mentioned several times in these blogs about the amazing work that Dr.Dale Bredesen has been doing with Alzheimer’s patients and now he has published his book: ”The End of Alzheimer’s”. In it he details the nutritional programmes he has used to prevent and reverse the cognitive decline of Dementia.
Reading this book should be mandatory for anyone in contact with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Just read the readers’ reviews about it on Amazon!! All of them are *****

August/September 2017 Blog

Important Items in the News

This is a subject that I know causes many couples much anxiety when they find they can't produce children. And sadly we are almost brainwashed into thinking that 'fertility treatment' is the only option.
However, I would urge all prospective parents to pause a moment and explore the possibility of an alternative way, because there are alternatives and I have been privileged to help such parents myself.
If a woman cannot become pregnant there are many physiological and environmental reasons for this and they need exploring with someone who is qualified, not only for the woman but for her partner as well. There are lots of lab tests out there these days that help to point the way to the causes.
In many cases simple solutions can be found and there are some good herbs that will help to restore the hormonal balance.
I frequently use a lab in London to help test patients. This lab has published research showing that sometimes a nutritional deficiency of magnesium was the cause of the infertility and a magnesium supplement was all that was necessary for fertility to be restored and pregnancy to occur. Their research paper states:
All twelve previously infertile women have produced normal healthy babies, all conceiving within eight months of normalising their RBC-Mg levels.
There are of course other reasons for infertility and this is only one example.
If fertility drugs are used please consider that all of these have side-effects, which affect not only the mother, but also the foetus. If you look up the side-effects of one of these drugs you'll see that they can cause:-ovarian enlargement, sometimes massive; eye & visual disturbances, endometriosis, multiple pregnancies, nausea, vomiting. That's only a few of them and I could go on for several more lines!
If you don't want the side effects then please explore the possibility of using some good nutritional/herbal and lifestyle changes. These do not have bad side-effects!

Exposure to environmental toxins can dramatically affect fertility—from pthalates and bisphenols in plastics, to pesticides and herbicides. And these are not the only ones.

That's all I'll write about this month. Next time I'll explore more about the subject of male infertility.--but one final item, last but not least:

HPV Vaccine
I keep reading reports about the increasing number of serious health issues affecting young girls who have received this vaccine (and now boys!) and it raises serious questions about the safety of vaccines using recombinant DNA technology.
Mexican researchers report that in one 'trial' 14 girls out of 2,881 who were vaccinated died!!!!! And Spanish researchers have discovered that there is a 10-fold higher rate of adverse reactions compared to other vaccines!
I already have two young patients damaged by this vaccine whom I am trying to help.

July/August 2017 Blog

Important Items in the News

1) Vaccination: The authodox mantra is that vaccines are safe and you can safely get your children vaccinated or receive the flu vaccination each winter. But along with many others I do not believe this is true. In fact I believe the direct opposite.
If vaccinations were safe why is it that at Dec 2014 the U.K. Government have paid out £73,000,000 to vaccine injury victims!!! This is your tax money. Vaccine manufacturers are not held liable for vaccine injuries! The Government pays because the drug companies make sure they are not held to be liable.
And the Americans have paid out over $3.5 billion since their compensation programme was established in the late 1980's.
At the moment I am trying to help a patient who has twice been injured by vaccines. She is not an isolated patient with these problems.
Please educate yourselves about this subject, especially before you submit to a vaccination. A well cared-for immune system I believe is the best insurance for avoiding any serious illness.
Drug companies argue that there is no 'scientific' evidence that vaccines cause injury. But very happily a week ago the European
Court of Justice ruled that a vaccine can be blamed for triggering a disease or causing harm even when there isn't any scientific evidence to establish a link. The court said that they had heard specific and consistent evidence to make this ruling, despite the counter arguments by the drug companies.

And on to a far less controversial topic!!:----

2) Osteoarthritis
New research recently published by the University of Surrey runs counter to the current understanding that osteoarthritis is an expected part of the ageing process.
Ali Mobasheri, Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiology at the University of Surrey, stated: "For too long osteoarthritis has been known as the ‘wear and tear disease’ and it has been assumed that it is part and parcel of getting older.
He states that this is not the case and what we have learned is that we can control and prevent the onset of this painful condition. He goes on to say that,
"It is important never to underestimate the significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle as not only does it impact upon our general well-being but can alter the metabolic behaviour of our cells, tissues and organs leading to serious illnesses."
Where have we heard this said before in relation to the onset of other types of sickness and disease?!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, sunny and joyful Summer!

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