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Summer Blog 2023

On 24th June I was up in London attending an amazing seminar, listening to speakers who are doing wonderful pioneering work in alternative health care. I want to tell you about some of them. You won’t hear about these people in the mainstream media or magazines.
The drug companies would not want you to know about the research and help that Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has given to so many cancer patients over many years. Yesterday I heard from two of them and also heard his wife speak about the Gonzalez Foundation. Sadly Dr Gonzalez died suddenly in 2015, but his legacy and work live on. His widow Mary Beth Gonzalez spoke to us at the seminar about how she intends to continue promoting his work through the Foundation she and other doctors have set up.
Dr. Gonzalez’s work was very successful with cancer patients and many are still living today including the well-known British orchestral conductor, Sir Roger Norrington, who was not given long to live when he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma 30 years ago!
Another long term cancer survivor, who I met and talked to, was the doctor who gave the introductory talk at our seminar, Dr Sarper Diler. Both these gentlemen and many others went onto the Gonzalez protocol and recovered completely. The Gonzalez protocol involves a strict individualised diet with the addition of enzymes and other supplements. Please copy and paste this link to know more:

Another speaker at the seminar was Dr. Tom O’Bryan from the U.S. who I have heard speak before, but is always a dynamic, hugely knowledgable and entertaining speaker. He bombarded us with a large amount of medical science and statistics that are mostly totally ignored by the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry.
An interesting quote he used was one by Aldous Huxley: “Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human being left”. This is so true when one sees that chronic disease worldwide increases year on year. Obesity is just one! And let alone since the “war on cancer” was declared over 50 years ago by President Nixon in 1971 cancer ‘only’ affected one out of three people. Since then cancer now affects two out of every 3 people.
Dr. O’Bryan particularly spoke about the importance of the immune system and the fact that modern science and research shows that disease begins in the gut. As naturopaths we were always taught this and modern science now backs this up in spades. Dr. O’Bryan talked a lot about the importance of the microbiome and the effect that diet, different diets and different foods have on the gut. He stressed the importance of working for a diversity of the microbiome that in turn improves health. Junk food, restricted diets, medication, antibiotics and many chemicals destroy the microbiome.
He spent much of his talk emphasizing the damage that wheat and gluten have on the microbiome and how they cause leaky gut. It has been shown that gluten triggers excess gut permeability in all humans within 5 minutes of wheat peptides entering the small intestine!! The food we received at the seminar yesterday was ‘mostly’ gluten free. Dr. O’Bryan told us he would not have spoken at the seminar unless the food we had at lunch and break times was gluten/wheat free!!!

And last but not least I want to talk about dementia and Alzheimer’s. I have mentioned in my past blogs about the amazing work Dr. Dale Bredesen has done in the U.S. with reversing Alzheimer’s Disease and his book “The End of Alzheimer’s”. Now there is a U.K. organisation that is promoting the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s. If you are concerned about these problems please explore the website You can do their free on-line test and questionnaire. They will also have pin-prick blood tests available. With these tests one can learn how to prevent and reverse any tendency to getting these horrible problems and at last can do something about them!
Enjoy the Summer!
Very best wishes to all my readers and patients,


Early Summer 2023

First the good and positive news to greet you all and tell you that our clinic has never been busier and that even though ‘my head may swell’ I can promise you that we help a lot of people get well who come to see us, from pain and many other ailments. We do very good work and all my fellow practitioners are wonderful people and I would never have any hesitation getting treatment from any of them. Why do I say this? Because in the next part of this blog I am going to talk about matters that many people are completely unaware of and that we need to wake up and take note of what is really happening, not only in Swansea, Wales, and the UK, but around the World. You will not hear the important news on the BBC or other MSM. Only GBNews I find is disseminating some of what is really going on. If you can stand the irritating ads, please do watch GBNews as they are the only TV channel that stands for free speech.

I was brought up in a Christian family and taught to be honest and not to lie, so I must be frank and admit that I find myself becoming increasingly depressed about the current world situation and lack of democracy and honesty in our ruling institutions. Since the advent of the pandemic so much in our lives is being hoisted on us virtually without any discussion, debate, consent, proper safety studies etc. I can think of a whole list of subjects that are being rapidly introduced into our lives. The fast introduction of all these is breathtaking. I have counted 67 so far!!These are not just taking place on a local level, but internationally with many countries seemingly creating these changes in complete lockstep with many other countries. It all started with the Pandemic and has continued with breathtaking speed ever since. Life has not returned to ‘normal’.
I wonder how many are aware of the impending introduction of the “Pandemic Treaty” being introduced around the world by the WHO. Do we ever stop to think that the WHO is controlled and financed by people who are not even doctors or medically trained!! That should start alarm bells ringing. This Treaty should be properly discussed in our parliaments. But it is not. It basically means that the WHO can declare a pandemic at any time they choose and lock the world down again.

This treaty will be foisted on the world at a meeting of the World Health Assembly in May 2014 unless something dramatic happens to stop it.- in the meantime.

Why did an MP get expelled recently from his party for trying to bring up these subjects in the H. of C.? If you actually listened to his speech it was rational, considered and quoted government statistics. Yet he was expelled from his party! Free speech is no longer allowed. So if my blog gets banned, you’ll know why!
In Alternative Medicine we are advised not to claim that any treatment we suggest can ‘cure’! Only the medical profession is allowed to ‘cure’. And you may or may not know that after cancer and heart disease, doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death in this country and the U.S.!!
One magazine article I read recently stated: “The transgressions of established medical ethics that have occurred since the covid-19 pandemic was announced, are without doubt key markers, that remind us just how unethical mainstream healthcare systems, health authorities and public health services have become”.
I have always said there is always another side to ‘the story’, and it is never more so than now. One way of finding out what the real story is, is to “follow the money”. Who is making the money on all the stories being pumped out by the MSM. How about Sudan for a start! What do you know about fifteen minute cities and their real purpose? Swansea has signed up to this. The UN, WEF,& WHO have already admitted that they and other Authorities now have near-total control over information, so if that is the case you know that there is another side to the story!
And one final general knowledge question, do you know how much carbon is in the air we breathe? 99% of the air we breathe air is composed of Nitrogen and Oxygen and only 0.04% carbon dioxide!! So why all the fuss about this latter gas and getting it down to net zero?? Or am I missing something?
Plants need carbon dioxide in order to thrive. The more carbon dioxide there is the better they grow and the less water those plants need. The less carbon dioxide in the air the less plants will grow.
I wish you all a very happy Summer and hope that we all enjoy some wonderful weather. The sun is there to help us get some life-giving Vitamin D!


Spring Blog 2023

Even at my time of life I still enjoy learning and studying. And so it was that this last weekend I journeyed up to Hampstead in North London to spend a day listening and interacting with some wonderful speakers and colleagues at the GCRN/BNA Annual Study Day.
Roger Newman Turner spoke first and reminded us all of our basic naturopathic principles which are still as valid today as they were fifty or a hundred years ago. He spoke of his father’s work as a pioneer organic dairy farmer and founder member of the Soil Association.
If one of his father’s pedigree Jersey cows became sick his father always applied naturopathic principles to getting them better by using such things as fasting and enemas!!!

We then had a most inspiring talk from Patrick Holford, one of the UK’s best known natural health and nutritional pioneers. Like many of us, he likes to follow the real science about health and nutrition and gets exasperated at the corruption and conflict of interests that go on between government and Big Pharma, especially during the last few years. During the pandemic, Patrick, together with other prominent scientists submitted clinical studies three times to our Government about the effectiveness of Vit C and Vit D to treat Covid. They never even received an acknowledgement each of the three times!!
In his talk to us he explained the recent research into the effectiveness of using B Vitamins, Vitamin D and fish oil to help prevent and treat dementia and Alzheimer’s. The research has been done and published, but the Government won’t even look at it!!

There were three other wonderful speakers, but I’ll draw your attention to just one more, Roy Riggs. In latter years Roy Riggs has worked as an electromagnetic energy consultant and goes around the country to help people who have become ill due to electromagnetic pollution, very often from mobile phone masts. He takes measuring equipment with him and is then able to offer solutions to offset the radiation.
And then of course he talked about the controversial subject of 5G. I think all of us were very surprised when he explained the ‘other side of the story’!!

Have a read and see what you think! It’s hard to argue with someone who works with this all the time!

And now that Spring is almost upon us I’ll give my annual reminder of what very effective measures can be taken to lessen the symptoms of hay fever. Use a supplement of quercetin together with nettle. These two remedies do really help to get rid of those horrible sneezing fits or runny eyes or nose. You can even make fresh tea using fresh stinging nettle leaves. Just soak a few fresh leaves in hot water for a few minutes. Or else if you don’t wish for the bother one can buy nettle tea bags at any health food store. It’s always a good idea as well to avoid all cows milk products—milk, cheese & yoghurt especially.

My best wishes to all my readers!

Christmas 2022 Blog

I wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and hope that you all manage to have a happy and peaceful time with your family and friends.

And I hope you all manage to stay healthy. As I keep repeating, please consider taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D regularly to fortify the immune system. Use 500mg of Vit C twice daily and at least 2,000iu of Vit D daily, or even a bit more. There’s no harm taking up to 4-5,000iu daily of Vit D. The body does not seem to use low doses of Vitamin D as I found out to my cost a few years ago.
And if you happen to get a cold, cough, or a case of flu, then increase the Vitamin C to 5-6 times daily and also add in one of the many products around containing elderberry or echinacea. These two herbs are wonderful at helping the immune system. There are no side effects! If you need any specific help, and you can’t get to see me easily, then please email me through the link on my website and I will be happy to advise.

If you are interested in current affairs and wonder why our country, including the NHS and our economy, is in such a terrible state, then I suggest you tune into some of the alternative news channels that are not being ‘controlled and censored’ as most are these days! That includes the BBC. If you object to that comment then ask yourself why you don’t hear about the value of Vitamin C or D, or how well elderberry or echinacea works from the BBC. You will hear instead the ‘necessity of taking the latest booster’ or other drugs and how everything is blamed on the Ukraine war. So why has the war in that part of the world been going on for eight years and not just started recently as we are being told by the BBC and everyone else??

There are many doctors and scientists trying to speak out to tell everyone that what we hear on the mainstream ‘News’ are not facts, but lies and a complete distraction and distortion from the real news!!
Listen to this short extract (12 minutes) from @21 recently. GBnews is the only mainstream news channel which is trying to tell the Truth and allows free speech! I strongly suggest you watch it in the evening where they disseminate news that is not on the BBC or other news channels. This video clip includes comments by Dr. Malhotra one of the UK’s leading heart surgeons. He has done some legitimate research.

Happy holidays to you all. Next year I shall be using the amazing @19 that will analyse a person's health in quite an amazing way and make treatments for complicated health problems so much easier. The blood analysis will show in great detail what body systems need attention the most to help bring about improved health.

Very best wishes,

And finally the healing results achieved by many hundreds of Power of Eight groups here in the U.K. and around the world have been nothing short of amazing. If you’d like to join a Power of Eight Group here in Swansea, please contact me. We either meet together on a Wednesday evening or do the Intention remotely, all holding an Intention at the same time in our own homes . And if you haven’t read Lynne McTaggart’s book of the same name, I strongly recomment it.

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