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Spring Blog 2023

Even at my time of life I still enjoy learning and studying. And so it was that this last weekend I journeyed up to Hampstead in North London to spend a day listening and interacting with some wonderful speakers and colleagues at the GCRN/BNA Annual Study Day.
Roger Newman Turner spoke first and reminded us all of our basic naturopathic principles which are still as valid today as they were fifty or a hundred years ago. He spoke of his father’s work as a pioneer organic dairy farmer and founder member of the Soil Association.
If one of his father’s pedigree Jersey cows became sick his father always applied naturopathic principles to getting them better by using such things as fasting and enemas!!!

We then had a most inspiring talk from Patrick Holford, one of the UK’s best known natural health and nutritional pioneers. Like many of us, he likes to follow the real science about health and nutrition and gets exasperated at the corruption and conflict of interests that go on between government and Big Pharma, especially during the last few years. During the pandemic, Patrick, together with other prominent scientists submitted clinical studies three times to our Government about the effectiveness of Vit C and Vit D to treat Covid. They never even received an acknowledgement each of the three times!!
In his talk to us he explained the recent research into the effectiveness of using B Vitamins, Vitamin D and fish oil to help prevent and treat dementia and Alzheimer’s. The research has been done and published, but the Government won’t even look at it!!

There were three other wonderful speakers, but I’ll draw your attention to just one more, Roy Riggs. In latter years Roy Riggs has worked as an electromagnetic energy consultant and goes around the country to help people who have become ill due to electromagnetic pollution, very often from mobile phone masts. He takes measuring equipment with him and is then able to offer solutions to offset the radiation.
And then of course he talked about the controversial subject of 5G. I think all of us were very surprised when he explained the ‘other side of the story’!!

Have a read and see what you think! It’s hard to argue with someone who works with this all the time!

And now that Spring is almost upon us I’ll give my annual reminder of what very effective measures can be taken to lessen the symptoms of hay fever. Use a supplement of quercetin together with nettle. These two remedies do really help to get rid of those horrible sneezing fits or runny eyes or nose. You can even make fresh tea using fresh stinging nettle leaves. Just soak a few fresh leaves in hot water for a few minutes. Or else if you don’t wish for the bother one can buy nettle tea bags at any health food store. It’s always a good idea as well to avoid all cows milk products—milk, cheese & yoghurt especially.

My best wishes to all my readers!

Christmas 2022 Blog

I wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and hope that you all manage to have a happy and peaceful time with your family and friends.

And I hope you all manage to stay healthy. As I keep repeating, please consider taking Vitamin C and Vitamin D regularly to fortify the immune system. Use 500mg of Vit C twice daily and at least 2,000iu of Vit D daily, or even a bit more. There’s no harm taking up to 4-5,000iu daily of Vit D. The body does not seem to use low doses of Vitamin D as I found out to my cost a few years ago.
And if you happen to get a cold, cough, or a case of flu, then increase the Vitamin C to 5-6 times daily and also add in one of the many products around containing elderberry or echinacea. These two herbs are wonderful at helping the immune system. There are no side effects! If you need any specific help, and you can’t get to see me easily, then please email me through the link on my website and I will be happy to advise.

If you are interested in current affairs and wonder why our country, including the NHS and our economy, is in such a terrible state, then I suggest you tune into some of the alternative news channels that are not being ‘controlled and censored’ as most are these days! That includes the BBC. If you object to that comment then ask yourself why you don’t hear about the value of Vitamin C or D, or how well elderberry or echinacea works from the BBC. You will hear instead the ‘necessity of taking the latest booster’ or other drugs and how everything is blamed on the Ukraine war. So why has the war in that part of the world been going on for eight years and not just started recently as we are being told by the BBC and everyone else??

There are many doctors and scientists trying to speak out to tell everyone that what we hear on the mainstream ‘News’ are not facts, but lies and a complete distraction and distortion from the real news!!
Listen to this short extract (12 minutes) from @21 recently. GBnews is the only mainstream news channel which is trying to tell the Truth and allows free speech! I strongly suggest you watch it in the evening where they disseminate news that is not on the BBC or other news channels. This video clip includes comments by Dr. Malhotra one of the UK’s leading heart surgeons. He has done some legitimate research.

Happy holidays to you all. Next year I shall be using the amazing @19 that will analyse a person's health in quite an amazing way and make treatments for complicated health problems so much easier. The blood analysis will show in great detail what body systems need attention the most to help bring about improved health.

Very best wishes,

Late Autumn Blog 2022

Yes, Alzheimer’s can be prevented!

The research on Alzheimer’s during the last 10 years has been coming thick and fast! You wouldn’t know that from the BBC or MSM, or even the medical journals, but the information in the Alternative World has been buzzing about it! If you read your daily papers or listen to the BBC you might have heard about lecanemab, the new “miracle” drug that “slows down the development of Alzheimer’s by 27%”. Lecanemab is a drug that targets the amyloid protein build-up in the brains of people living with Alzheimer’s disease, targetting the amyloid protein to be cleared away by the brain’s immune system. However the side effects are described in Alzheimer’s Research U.K., as “like similar drugs and are quite tough for some”. One in five patients taking this drug have experienced swelling and/or bleeding in the brain!

However, in the Alternative World wonderful work has been going on to discover the causes of the amyloid protein build up. I have mentioned before in previous blogs about the amazing pioneering work that Dr. Dale Bredesen from California has been doing and his book, “The End of Alzheimer’s”. He showed that it is possible to reverse Alzheimer’s by treating the various causes and has enabled many of his patients to return to work and lead a normal life!!

But others around world are now following in Dr. Bredesen’s footsteps and doing their own pioneering work and research. For example in the U.K. Prof David Smith from Oxford University and former Deputy Head of the Faculty of Medical Science is saying that, “Alzheimer’s is not an inevitable consequence of ageing, nor is it all in the genes. It is largely a preventable disease and we now know a lot about what people need to do to prevent it. Simple diet and lifestyle changes, made achievable in Food for the Brain’s COG-NITION programme, could cut the risk of developing this terrible and avoidable disease by at least a third.”

The research has found two very important and simple remedies needed to help prevent it. The first is B vitamins, in order to lower a harmful chemical called homocysteine. And the second is to have sufficient omega-3 blood levels, particularly DHA. Prof Smith’s research has shown how significant the impact B Vitamins have on preventing accelerated brain shrinkage in those with mild cognitive impairment.

Another key piece of knowledge that we already have are the problems caused by using statin drugs, not least of which is the fact that because cholesterol is lowered, those users suffer “statin brain” and are at highest risk for dementia! We have been brainwashed into thinking cholesterol is ‘bad, but in fact it is vital for life. Without it our bodies cannot manufacture hormones. Low cholesterol is not good for us!

And note that Alzheimer’s and dementia are now the leading cause of death in the U.K. They have recently overtaken cardiovascular disease and cancer as the leading cause. Experts are saying that dementia is the biggest health crisis of our time.

Let’s do something about it!

Autumn Blog 2022

I get very frustrated when I hear the ‘News’ on the MSM that we are probably going to get a lot of flu this winter. How do they know?! And then the advice is to go along to your GP and get protected and receive the latest flu shot etc. We have a flu epidemic every winter. There is nothing new in that. But there is natural help and protection out there if you want to truly protect yourself.
I have not suffered a cold or flu for several years! Not even a bad ‘virus infection’! What do I do? I take 500mg twice daily of Vitamin C and 4000iu of Vitamin D daily. So I would strongly recommend to all my readers that they do the same. There is a huge amount of research and evidence that these nutritional supplements help to strengthen the immune system and give proper protection, not only against infections such a coughs, colds and flu, but against other illness and even cancer.
If you only do this one thing to protect your health, take Vitamin D and C on a regular basis. And I would urge you to go one step further and buy a pin prick Vitamin D test online and test your Vit D levels. Most people find that when tested that they have low levels of Vit D.

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that there are fewer posts than before. Yes, I have been forced to delete some of my blogs. The Internet Police have decided that I am posting too much ‘misinformation’ and have asked me to delete it otherwise ‘further action’ will be taken. That infers that my readers do not have the maturity or intelligence to make up their own minds whether what I post is true or false! Most of my posts are based on the latest research carried out by universities and other researchers around the world and even our Government’s research, such as from the Office of National Statistics. Most of this research is sadly ignored by our ‘authorities’, or they don’t want you to know, because it does not fit their narrative!

If you want to hear more news of an alternative nature then you might enjoy tuning into and watching GB News on your TV. I would especially recommend listening to it in the evening any time after 6pm on a weekday. You will get news that is not broadcast on the mainstream channels. Listen to people such as Neil Oliver or Mark Steyn. They will give you a different perspective on life and what is going on in our world.

Next time I will write more about Alzheimer's and how it can be prevented. Alzheimer's has now become the leading cause of death in the UK, overtaking both cardiovascular disease and cancer!! Yes! There is a lot of research going on to help people prevent and treat Alzheimer's. And as you may guess it doesn't come from the drug companies! Please contact me if you can't wait to learn more.

Very best wishes to you all.

And finally the healing results achieved by many hundreds of Power of Eight groups here in the U.K. and around the world have been nothing short of amazing. If you’d like to join a Power of Eight Group here in Swansea, please contact me. We meet on a Wednesday evening. And if you haven’t read Lynne McTaggart’s book of the same name, please do so.

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