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Naturopathy, Musculoskeletal therapy & Colonic Hydrotherapy in Swansea

Registered Naturopath in Swansea; Musculoskeletal therapy & Colonic Hydrotherapy in Port Talbot, Bridgend, Llanelli & surrounding areas

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I have practised Naturopathy and Musculoskeletal Therapy in Swansea for 36 years and Colon Hydrotherapy for the last 24 years. I support many people with their chronic health difficulties and specialise in bowel and digestive problems, but advise patients with many other health problems, some of them quite complex. You can learn more about these on the next pages of this website for naturopathy and colon hydrotherapy.

Do you want to fundamentally improve your health and be free of some irritating symptoms or discomfort?---

Or do you suffer from a lot of confusing symptoms such as these below?

Pain, back pain, arthritis, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, whiplash, frozen shoulder?
• Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like coeliac, rheumatic pain, underactive thyroid, or skin problems ?
• Do you struggle with IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, brain fog, or digestive problems?
• An inability to lose weight, tiredness, no energy, ME/chronic fatigue/CFS/"Long Covid", food cravings, or hormone problems?

These are all conditions I commonly see in my work using naturopathy, musculoskeletal therapy and colon hydrotherapy and that I'd be happy to support you with--and with many people help sort out the confusion of having so many symptoms! They always mean something! I enjoy assisting clients to improve their health so that they can feel better, have more energy and enjoy life more.

I combine my multi-disciplinary approach as a naturopath with the latest science in functional medicine, evidence based research and lab testing. For example I have been using blood testing with FunctionalDX, or other sorts of tests with Genova Diagnostics. One of the FunctionalDX blood tests is one of the best ways to get a full health MOT and to discover any underlying health problems. Lab testing is not always necessary, but it can be very helpful.


I also use food intolerance testing using KBMO Diagnostics . This is a company that uses the latest state of the art technology to acurately find those foods, colourings and chemicals that may be causing an unsolvable health problem.

If you are unsure of what sort of therapy you need please ring the receptionist and ask for a no obligation 15 minute FREE MINI CONSULTATION if I have not seen you before, or email me from this website.. You can explain the symptoms from which you have been suffering and we can decide together what approach would best to assist your problem, or ask to speak to me on the phone when I am free.
Sometimes people have many symptoms and it is hard to know what therapy or therapies would be the most helpful. As a naturopath I’ll be happy to try and help you do this and start you on your journey back to better health. I will also send you a questionnaire that will outline many of the commonest symptoms. That information helps me to know how best I can assist you.

I use naturopathy, musculoskeletal therapy and colon hydrotherapy (colonics), either separately, or in combination to help improve people's health. You can read more about each therapy on the next pages.

The Swansea Clinic is open during the week on Mondays to Fridays. Please ring 01792 654751 during office hours to make an appointment, or leave a message. I work in the clinic on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. Please leave a message if no one answers, or email me through this website. I can reply to emails any day of the week.(Please check your Spam Mail if you don't seem to get a reply.) If you email me I can now give you an appointment with our online diary for naturopathy, colonic hydrotherapy or musculoskeletal therapy.

I have been passionate about helping people with their health for most of my life and am a long-standing member of the British Naturopathic Association and (GCRN) The General Council & Register of Naturopaths. I graduated from The British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy (now called the British College of Osteopathic Medicine ) in North London and set up practice in Swansea 36 years ago.

I was registered with the General Osteopathic Council for 21 years, but I voluntarily resigned from their register in 2019 and can no longer call myself an osteopath. However I still provide exactly the same hands on treatment, manipulation and massage techniques I have used all my practice life. I am still fully insured for all that I do.

After working as a Swansea registered naturopath & osteopath for many years I trained with Dr. Milo Siewart in colon hydrotherapy and qualified with ARCH (Association & Register of Colon Hydrotherapists) in 2000.

My multi-disciplinary practice in Swansea offers naturopathy, musculoskeletal therapy and colon hydrotherapy (colonics) for those in the area around Port Talbot, Bridgend, Llanelli and the Gower. The Swansea Clinic of Natural Medicine is at 20 Walter Road, not far from the centre of Swansea.

I hope you will take a few minutes to read my latest Blog below on this page and that you find that what I write is helpful and relevant. I believe that what I write is vitally important, as there are few other places where you will receive such life and health giving information. One of my recent blogs is about the exciting developments in the treatment of Alzheimer's and dementia not using drugs.

Conditions Treated

I have had many years experience assisting clients with a wide variety of conditions, such as back, neck, knee, shoulder and general musculo-skeletal problems. And with my background in naturopathy I support people to improve their health and well-being in general. I specialise in gastrointestinal problems and for many people colon hydrotherapy has become very popular in recent years and can give much relief. It is a very gentle treatment! Please call or email on the form on this page me if you want to know more about what can be helped, or if you need to know whether your own particular condition can be alleviated.

I regularly attend meetings of the (GCRN )The General Council & Register of Naturopaths, The BNA Cancer Study Group and (ARCH )The Association and Registered of Colon Hydrotherapists . Increasingly I am attending meetings in London where I have been hearing the latest research and natural treatments for Alzheimer's , Cancer, digestive problems, gluten sensitivity and so many other subjects. It is exciting getting all the latest scientific information from experts from around the world.

Please explore the next pages for fuller information. And if you have any queries please send an email from my home page or call the clinic in Swansea on the number below. I am very happy to answer any queries by phone or email.

The Swansea Clinic of Natural Medicine is situated 11 miles from Port Talbot, 25 miles from Bridgend and 12.5 miles from Llanelli and is not far from The Gower.

In recent times I have become increasingly interested in Energy Medicine and because of this I incorporate the hand-held miHealth into much of my musculoskeletal work. The miHealth is extremely helpful in the treatment of pain, muscle tension, muscle spasm, sports injuries, torn muscles, shin splints and acute & chronic back conditions. Its use comes under the category of "pulsed electromagnetic field healing" (PEMF) I have used the miHealth a lot over the last ten years and it is extremely effective, especially for pain.

A Favourite Quote.....

"One of the great myths about natural medicines is that they are not scientific. The fact of the matter is that for most common illnesses there is greater support in the medical literature for a natural approach than there is for drugs or surgery." — Dr. Michael T. Murray , Bastyr University, Seattle, U.S.A.


My latest Blog Entry

Spring Blog 2024


Vitamin D. I have written about this before, but I will repeat by saying that Vitamin D is probably the most important supplement you can possibly take to help protect your health. Most people are deficient and even if one is not, everyone should be taking 2,000iu every day. It’s easy to buy a test kit online to measure one’s blood level. And if you have a low level then you’ll need to take 4,000iu daily of Vitamin D3 for a few months to raise the level to normal.

And in addition please get out into the sun, preferably without sunscreen that blocks the formation of Vitamin D.


Research has discovered so many important functions of Vitamin D during the last few years. In addition to being important to help the immune system, the cardiovascular system, hormones, depression, pain and inflammation, it is now known to help treat & prevent many cancers.


The resurgence of interest in Vitamin D came during the Pandemic and it was used successfully to help prevent & treat Covid along with Vitamin C.


What is there not to like about it? It is cheap and easily available.


Cancer. President Nixon declared “War on Cancer” in 1971 spurring on massive research by pharmaceutical companies all over the World. At that time it was known that one in every three people would get cancer in their lifetime. Now it is two in every three people!! The incidence has increased despite the research and the vast sums of money collected and dispensed for ‘Cancer research’. What a waste!


But since the Pandemic, research now shows that low levels of Vitamin D are associated with an increased risk of cancer. Its deficiency has been linked to the development and progression of a number of cancers. But also that higher blood levels of Vitamin D help reduce the risk of several cancers. So maybe the pharmaceutical companies are looking in the wrong place? And in other research, scientists are showing that Vitamin D could help prevent dementia.


Alzheimers. There’s lots of interesting information on how to prevent dementia and Alzheimers at

Much good work is going on around the world to help prevent and treat Alzheimers, but you won’t hear about it on the BBC. On the website above you can learn from some leading experts and scientists what it takes to help prevent and treat this awful disease. One, of them, Dr. Dale Bredesen, has been doing amazing work and treatment with Alzheimer’s patients for many years. He started off as a conventional doctor, but now uses nutritional therapy.


Pandemic Treaty. And last, but perhaps the most important topic I need to mention, is the proposed legislation that the WHO wants to impose upon all countries around the world by the end of May this year. If this treaty is passed into law by the British Government then we lose much of our sovereignty and control if a new pandemic comes to pass and we will be subject to the whims and dictates of the WHO. Do you want to be locked down again? Bird Flu may be the excuse used.


Did you know that the current chairman of the WHO, an Ethiopian, is a former terrorist and is not even a doctor? Did you know that the major funder and controller of policy at the WHO was a software developer and made billions during the Pandemic from vaccines and has no medical qualifications whatsoever. The Pandemic Treaty must not be allowed to be passed by Parliament. You can find out more from


And just today, the 10th May, I’m reading that Lord Strathcarron, in the House of Lords, is calling for a deferral of this month’s World Health Assembly vote “so that we can have a proper Parliamentary scrutiny of what the Government is signing us up to”. It’s about time the Government is challenged on the legality of even proceeding with this vote.


There is now an organisation dedicated to prevent us from becoming entangled with the WHO as this is such a corrupt power seeking institution. Please see


Weight Loss. And last but not least, with so much publicity concerning weight loss youmay have heard of the new wonder drug to help this problem. And yes, it does work. One of my patients is very pleased with the results as she has lost a lot of weight. BUT please be aware there are some very nasty possible side-effects that it can cause such as: extreme low blood sugar, pancreatitis, gallstones, thyroid cancer and severe allergic reactions, amongst others. And then on the BBC News today they were trumpeting that this new medication could reduce the risk or heart attacks & stroke. As I often say, “follow the money”.


My very best wishes to all my readers. Enjoy the Spring weather!


Late Winter Blog January 2024

Once again there is too much to write about! I’ll begin with positive news and give you some useful and helpful tips to help your health.

Vitamin C is effective in reducing the severity and duration of the common cold. Vitamin C’s ability to tackle viral infections, such as the common cold, is confirmed in a new meta-analysis published in BMC Public Health. The researchers found that using at least 1g/day for people in good health, resulted in a 15 - 26% reduction in severity of symptoms. The researchers recommend the use of vitamin C for the treatment of colds due to its effectiveness and low cost.

I will add that Vitamin D is also important to help the immune system long term. Use 2,000iu in Summer and double that amount during the winter months.

And another piece of helpful information is that Black seed oil (from black cumin seeds) is not only highly effective for prevention and treatment of Covid, especially taken with Vit D ,but with viral infections infections in general. Black seed oil is helpful for other conditions, especially skin problems and high blood pressure.

Cholesterol is another hugely misunderstood subject. It is essential to our health and wellbeing! It is not a bad! If we didn’t have cholesterol our bodies could not make hormones. Make sure you get plenty of good fats in your diet, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, oily fish. But avoid ‘vegetable oils’, such as rapeseed, corn, sunflower and margarine. These types of oils are highly refined, toxic and should be avoided. I won’t go into how bad statin drugs are either and how they deplete the good fats in the brain and can cause memory loss!

Some of what I’m about to write you know and some you may not know. The foundation to good health and the key way naturopaths practice is a good healthy diet. Sadly the production of food is under threat in many countries with compulsory closure of farms. You may or may not be hearing that huge protests are taking place in France, Germany, Holland and now in Poland, by farmers who are being threatened with closure, all in the name of climate change. Farmers in Ireland are also under orders to cut down hugely on the number of cows they are allowed to have. Please remember the formula: No farmers=No food. This is not fantasy, or conspiracy theory, or misinformation; this is fact. You can find out about these facts by following alternative news sources such as X or GBNews. The MSM is controlled so you will not hear what is really happening from these conventional sources. You can watch and you will hear that an insect diet (meal worms, crickets etc) is being imposed around the world because there is not enough real food and what there is of it is becomimg too expensive for many people. It has already started in Holland for example! Please support the farmers. It is our most important industry.

One more set of facts, the atmosphere is made up of the following: Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 20.9%, Argon 0.93%, Carbon Dioxide 0.04%--(does 0.04% seem a lot or dangerous?) Carbon Dioxide is an important ‘fertiliser’ for plants. The more they get, the better plants grow. Isn’t that a good thing? There are also very small percentages of other gases in the atmosphere including methane, hydrogen, ozone etc. If you doubt me please look these figures up for yourselves.

Did you also hear about the new disease ‘that is being planned’ called Disease X?. Yes, that is being ‘planned’ and there was a lot of discussion about it at the recent conference for world leaders taking place in Davos. This is where the real plans for our future are being mapped out. Not in our parliaments. Parliaments just rubber stamp what happens in Davos. And no, I am not a conspiracy theorist. This is fact. You can check for yourself. Listen to the recordings of what happened at Davos from people like Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates. These are unelected people telling us what to do. I am trying to help my patients with their health problems, but we are being undermined all the time by the elite, being told we have to cut down on meat consumption and learn to eat food made from insects!! I’ll repeat No Farmers=No Food

And while you are distracted by the Post Office scandal, (and that makes me mad and angry too), do keep your eyes open and be aware of the Pandemic Treaty our Government may approve of shortly i.e. you will lose even more of your rights and freedoms when any new pandemic is declared by the WHO as a result. What more proof do you need to see that the WHO organisation, full of unelected people, are positioning themselves to massively override national sovereignty worldwide? And that is an understatement!

You are welcome to disagree with me!

And until the next time I send my very warm wishes to all my readers.


Winter Blog 2023

There is so much to write about I hardly know where to begin. The world in which we are living is changing extremely fast—if you are awake! And not for the better—but more of that anon. Let me begin by reporting on the latest seminar I attended a week ago in London. These events are always very exciting and enlightening for me and help to broaden my approach and give me new tools with which to treat my patients.

The most interesting talk was about the use of high dose Vitamin B1 (Thiamine). Elliot Overton has been using high dose Vit B1 for many of his patients, particularly with neurological problems such as Parkinson’s, M.S. and fibromyalgia. But it can be used in many other conditions and problems in the body, even digestive disorders, heart problems, brain problems etc etc. A deficiency of B1 is not necessarily present, but Vitamin B1 helps to kick start many areas of the body that are not functioning well. It’s a therapy that has been around for many years, but has been forgotten. I shall be using it with some of you.

You may have heard that measles is on the increase. But did you know that a simple supplement of Vitamin A can help and has been recommended by the WHO for decades? Multiple studies in populations in which vitamin A deficiency is prevalent, show that giving a supplement to improve vitamin A status can dramatically reduce the risk of serious complications and death from measles, with minimal detectable incidence of adverse effects.

Another ‘popular’ new drug used to help weight loss has just been authorised in the U.K. I hope you won’t be tempted to use it. This drug can cause serious digestive issues, including stomach paralysis, pancreatitis, and bowel obstructions according to a new study published in the JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) which analysed health insurance claims data. For any drug, especially one that is being given a lot of publicity, always ‘follow the money’. Please remember that ALL drugs have side effects. I prefer the saying “Let food be your medicine”.

I also like the recent quote by Robert Kennedy Jr. “One of the tragedies today is that you can’t trust public health officials anymore. Doctors can’t, the American people can’t. Treat every so-called expert pronouncement with skepticism. So many experts have been bought off by the industry and our regulatory agencies, instead of protecting public health they are serving the mercantile interests of the pharmaceutical industry”. This quote applies just as much in the U.K. as it does in the U.S. I believe. I wonder if R.K.Jr will get enough votes to be the next U.S. President? If he does the pharmaceutical industry will be completely shaken up! Check out his website “Children’s Health Defence.” He has been doing amazing work for many years.

Here's another one posted by Elon Musk: “Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it.”

And finally please make yourselves aware of the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty. If this is adopted by the UK Parliament in May next year, and other governments around the world, it will change life forever. And major decisions about our health will be made by a man in Geneva who is not even medically qualified!! You can find out more on R.K. Jnr’s website mentioned above and read “The 6 Reasons Legislators Should Reject WHO’s Pandemic Proposals”.

And just one more piece of scientific knowledge that has been thrown out of the window in recent times: carbon dioxide is needed by plants to grow healthily. CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour. There are commercial concerns that use special greenhouses into which CO2 is pumped to help plants grow well! Why has CO2 become the enemy? Without CO2 we would all have starved to death!

I’ll end by sending you all my very warm wishes and my hope that you will all enjoy a healthy and happy Winter and Christmas season.


Autumn Blog 2023

The world is changing fast, probably a lot faster than most people realise. And it is not changing for the better. As I have mentioned before I have worked in Alternative Medicine for many years and therefore I have been in the habit of thinking ‘alternatively’ and always looking for the alternative, not only in medicine and health matters but in most other matters affecting our lives and health on this planet.
I was brought up by strict parents and taught to tell the truth and be honest and so it grieves me a lot when most of what I read in the press and hear on our news programmes to me is not the truth. A lot of so-called 'news' is in my view distraction and not important.
This ‘trend’ has mostly been happening since the ‘Pandemic’.
I am reminded of the quote by Joseph Goebbels from WW2 when he said that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. That is as true today as it was then. Do you remember “safe & effective” repeated add nauseam for months? The health statistics since then are horrifying and people don’t realise it. One has only to study statistics on our Government's own Office of National Statistics website to know. How about the phrase ‘net zero’? Another one that is being repeated ad nauseam!
And just in the last few days I read that 1,600 prominent scientists around the world, including Nobel prize winners, say there is “No Emergency”! But you won’t have read that in your newspaper! Why?
I wish I could write a positive message in this blog. It is hard especially when our government is pushing through a new law that will make it mandatory to install smart meters in our homes. Please believe me when I say that these are dangerous. They are not good for your health! Look up the dangers on the web then you’ll understand what I say. I have to be careful what I post as I’ll probably be accused of posting misinformation. Last year I was ‘ordered’ to take down some of the posts on my website. There is much that we are being censored for. Please wake up! Life is not the same as a few years ago. And as I write the new law coming into force is the 20 mph speed limit in built up areas in Wales. Another loss to our freedoms. It is all part of what ‘is planned’. "15 minute cities" are next, including Swansea.
And meanwhile the drug companies roll out new medicines for this and that, Alzheimer’s, obesity, insomnia etc etc. Why do these drugs get a prominent feature on our news programmes? My answer is ‘follow the money’. The same happened in the pandemic. Who made all the money? Please ask yourselves that question. Vast fortunes were made. No one makes vast fortunes using Naturopathy!
You may not agree with all I have written and you have a right to disagree. All I ask is that we are allowed to have ‘free speech’ and can present other sides of an argument.
I am still working three days a week in our clinic. I have never been busier. All I want to do is help restore my patients to good health. Because of what I have just written it is becoming increasingly hard to do this, but I won’t give up! And if you wish to have some help with a health problem and have questions, please email me using the form on my home page.
My very warm wishes to all my readers!

The Power of 8. If anyone of you is interested in joining  "The Power of Eight" healing group every Wednesday evening in Killay, please let me know. I suggest you email me. If you have read the book of the same name you will know what amazing healing is being done around the world.

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