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Blog May/June 2019

Health Websites

If you are anything like I am, I frequently search on the Internet for natural remedies and treatments to see what the ‘rest of the world’ is saying about them. However, in just recent months everyone’s ‘favourite’ search engine, who shall be nameless, has changed its algorithms. If you search for the best herb for a condition, or natural treatment, it will no longer bring them up first. The search engine will automatically bring up medical and pharmaceutical websites first—lots of them! And to find anything mentioned about natural alternatives will require searching many pages of conventional medical sites before you get to anything alternative.
And I expect you know that ‘that’ search engine not only gives the information it is trying to give us, but it is also storing data about our searches and getting to know our interests and storing them. Nothing is private anymore!

Fortunately there is a simple solution and excellent ‘alternatives’ when using a search engine. These are freely available. If you click on the drop down box in your search box you will find all the different search engines. My new favourite is DuckDuckGo. This one does not track you and store your personal information, and it will bring up natural websites first in your searches. I now use this as my default search engine. If you want to do this and don’t know how, I suggest you get a computer-savvy youngster to help!!

Scientific Truth

I am very keen on knowing the truth, especially scientific truth. And sadly there is a lot of disinformation and fake news being propagated on purpose to confuse us all!! It is almost impossible sometimes to know what is real and what is fake! An example of this currently in the news is what is being said about vaccinations and how they are “quite safe”. The truth is not so simple. How can they possibly be safe when billions of £ & $ have been paid out quietly over the last few years to compensate many who have been damaged by vaccinations! You won’t read about that on the front page of your newspaper or hear about it on the BBC!

And there is another website that has recently deleted a lot of information about alternative medicine and articles by alternative doctors. I am speaking about that online encyclopedia beginning with w. Better not use that one either! It has become extremely biased. I recently checked to see what it had to say about osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, herbalism etc—apparently they are all pseudoscientific!!!!!! So I won’t be using that encyclopedia again. I want the truth, not pseudo science and fake information. “The Truth will set you free”!!

Blog March/April 2019

Causes of Cancer
President Nixon declared the “War on Cancer” in December 1971 and a huge sum of money was donated by the U.S. Government, together with a large media campaign, that signalled a redoubling of the effort by cancer researchers to discover the cause of cancer.

Has much changed since then? Sadly the facts of the matter are that death rates from cancer are the same today as they were in the 1950’s and we are not winning the “War”. Yes, there have been some minor advances. One of these is that chemotherapy can help testicular cancer, childhood leukaemia and some lymphomas—that’s just three types of cancer.

Are we missing anything? Yes! The pioneering work of one, Otto Warberg, who in the 1930’s was researching the metabolic disturbances in tumours. Most modern research has been looking at the genetic causes, without much success. After extensive research Warberg stated that the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. His work was mostly ignored for 80 some years, until in recent years some scientists have realised that much of what he discovered has a lot of truth to it.

Warberg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 and was nominated for it three times. His friend Albert Einstein encouraged him in his work.

In recent years there has been more and more interest in investigating the metabolic theory of cancer. Many alternative doctors and practitioners realise that sugar is one of the main causes of ill health and there has been keen interest in using low carb diets and in particular the ketogenic diet for helping some people with cancer. It was quite shocking to many scientists when in 2006 it was discovered that the use of metformin in Type 2 diabetes, to reduce blood sugar levels, had substantially reduced the rates of cancer!

Basically the ketogenic approach is to use a high fat, low carb and limited protein diet. This type of diet has been used successfully to treat epilepsy in children by some doctors since the 1920’s, but now there is increasing interest and scientific studies for using it in the treatment of obesity and cancer.

You won’t hear much about ketogenic diets in the media as it doesn’t make any money for the drug companies, but I believe we’ll hear more and more how ketogenic diets will help cancer along with other cancer therapies, conventional as well as alternative.

And of course Dr Dale Bredesen is recommending a ketogenic diet for those suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s. In his book “The End of Alzheimer’s” Dr Bredesen writes that “arguably the single most important metabolic contributor to Alzheimer’s disease development is insulin resistance”. In other words because many people eat too much sugar and simple carbohydrate food, their insulin levels are always going to be too high. This leads to the syndrome referred to as ‘insulin resistance’.

All of us can benefit from radically reducing sugar from our diets. Some people have cravings for sugar and sugary foods but this can be helped by eating more wholesome food and maybe adding a chromium supplement that helps to reduce blood sugar swings that causes the cravings.

Blog January/February 2019

A very Happy New Year to you all! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas holidays.

To start off the New Year I want to highlight the handheld device called the miHealth. I have used this device now for nearly 7 years and would not be without it. The ability of this device to relieve pain is second to none. In most cases the result obtained with its use is almost instantaneous. If it wasn’t I would not be using it every day. But it has multi uses and is useful for all sort of problems. If you’re interested you can watch this 10 minute video introduced by the inventor of the @05 miHealth, Harry Massey.
The miHealth can be used to treat animals as well, but I have not used it this way very much. Here is a video of a @06 horse being treated:
And if you have the time and inclination there are several other videos demonstrating how the miHealth can be used. It never leaves my side and goes everywhere with me!
I use it on countless patients who have painful backs, especially when their muscles are very tight and sore. In addition to this sort of complaint I have found it to give great relief for conditions such as:
• arthritic joints—knees, ankles, fingers, toes, bunions
• plantar fasciitis (a very painful condition that affects the sole of the foot)
• shin splints
• pulled/torn muscles. I have been amazed how quickly such muscles respond to this treatment
• tendonitis—this is painful inflammation that commonly affects the biceps tendon. I commonly come across it in workmen who do repetitive, work such as plastering.
• tennis elbow

The Alliance for Natural Health

If you are not already aware of them @07 The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) have campaigned on behalf of natural health for many years. They are an internationally active, non-profit organisation promoting natural and sustainable approaches to healthcare worldwide. Their passion is the pursuit of optimal health and health care sustainability by working with, not against, nature.
The Alliance for Natural Health in their latest bulletin have highlighted the dangers of introducing 5G for mobile phone networks. You won’t read about the dangers of 5G in the mass media, because it would affect “big business”. But ANH writes that:
“Organisations and scientists around the world continue to call on governments to stop the deployment of 5G networks amidst concerns over its potential danger to human health and all life on Planet Earth. Across the pond, ANH-USA are calling for research on 5G’s safety to be conducted before its deployment. Whilst the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and from Space, initially signed by scientists, doctors and representatives of health and science related organisations, is now calling for the support of citizens around the world. Quite literally, 5G is a massive experiment that will result in a huge increase in exposure to wireless radiation that no living thing will be able to escape. What the effect will be is anyone’s guess, but if you’re not willing to be a guinea pig, then have your say and sign the appeal.”

And finally the healing results achieved by many hundreds of Power of Eight groups here in the U.K. and around the world have been nothing short of amazing. If you’d like to join a Power of Eight Group here in Swansea, please contact me. And if you haven’t read Lynne McTaggart’s book of the same name, please do so.

Blog November/December 2018

I thought this month I’d start off with an inspiring quote. It is easy to get depressed with what a mess we’ve made of this planet. Did you see the programme “Drowning in Plastic”? Oh dear!
Or the programme with Stacey Dooley investigating the pollution around the world caused by the overproduction of clothing, particularly that made with cotton? It was explained how cotton production needs vast quantities of water, but also causes tremendous pollution of rivers and that the disappearance of the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan has been caused by cotton factories needing so much water!!!Wow!
And now I’ve just read that researchers at the University of Texas are saying that the weedkiller Roundup may be killing bees! Where does it all end?
But to get back to my start point and good quotations, here is one by one of my favourite authors, John Perkins, who has written some very interesting best sellers:
“Unlike the crises experienced by Roosevelt (2nd World War) and Kennedy (Cuba Crisis) and despite what politicians may want us to believe, today’s greatest crises are not about “us” versus “them,” not about nation pitted against nation. These crises require that we all come together to stop destroying life as we know it.”

Hear hear!

And on a more positive note!:-- Now that Winter is fast approaching, it is a good time to start taking some Vitamin D as well as Vit C on a regular basis as defence against coughs, colds and flu. Much more effective than a *** jab!
And also cut out as much sugar as possible.

For years, five servings of fruits and vegetables seemed to be the benchmark of a healthy diet. No one was eating enough of them. Then, last year, a study by Imperial College London found that doubling the amount to ten servings was way healthier and could prevent up to 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide every year. Most people are not eating enough fruit & veg.
And lastly, have you come across the book published recently by Lynne McTaggart ,“The Power of Eight”? I know I have mentioned this book before and the exciting research that she has done over the last 30 years exploring the miraculous energies of small groups that help others to heal. You can learn more about this from @07
The results achieved by many hundreds of Power of Eight groups here in the U.K. and around the world have been nothing short of staggering. If you’d like to join a "Power of Eight Group" here in Swansea, please contact me.

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