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About Naturopathy and Musculoskeletal Therapy. Swansea GCRN Registered Naturopath

More about Naturopathy & Musculoskeletal therapy

NATUROPATHY is a system of healthcare that recognises the body's innate ability to heal itself, 'The Healing Power of Nature' or 'Vis Medicatrix Naturae'. Naturopaths work from the premise that people have certain basic needs to function healthily--good nutrition, rest, exercise, fresh air, water and sunlight. Naturopathy helps create a lifestyle that builds health and eliminates sickness.
Nutritional and lifestyle approaches are used to achieve optimum energy levels and health.
I specialise in helping people who have problems with fatigue. Chronic tiredness has become a common problem in this modern age, especially when people are under a lot of stress or have suffered chronic stress during their lives. Stress affects the hormonal system and can lead to thyroid or adrenal problems.
I love the 'detective' work helping to figure out the causes of a person's ill health. Most people have multiple symptoms they suffer from and it is important to figure out the causes so that these can all be treated. Sometimes it is necessary to use lab testing if the causes are not obvious.

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Colon Hydrotherapy complements naturopathic treatment and gives it an extra dimension, especially with digestive problems or when detoxification is needed.
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Musculoskeletal therapy, like chiropractic and osteopathy, is a system of diagnosis and treatment concerned with the structure and mechanical problems of the body. It uses manipulation, neuro-muscular techniques, massage, stretching, and exercises.

Backache is most frequently treated, as well as pain in all parts of the body from injury, accident, overstraining, and wear and tear. It is helpful for many types of arthritic & rheumatic pain, injuries of many sorts, backache, headaches, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, cramps and sciatica.

When considering Musculoskeletal therapy, it might be helpful to think of the treatment as returning the body to a state free of the muscle tightness, which in time has pulled the spine out of alignment, or stressed the joints causing pain.

What Conditions Can it Help?

Backache, sciatica, headaches, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, sports injuries and general aches and pains of musculo-skeletal origin in any part of the body.

I often use the handheld miHealth device for musculo-skeletal treatments. This type of energy treatment can often produce very beneficial results, especially with a problem such as a torn muscle or injury. I have used the miHealth for the last seven years continuously and wouldn't be without it!

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