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About Colonic Hydrotherapy

A COLONIC is a gentle internal bath using warm purified water to eliminate stored faecal waste, gas, mucous and toxins from the colon. The procedure is not painful and is very gentle. It will help to optimise gastrointestinal health and improve bowel function. It is a good way to help the body achieve optimum health and well-being. It is a wonderful way to have a good clean-out and combines very well with other naturopathic approaches and treatment.

As the Colon is now regarded by scientists as the body's “Second Brain”, it is an important organ to keep healthy!

A full consultation is always done before a first treatment. No special preparation is needed beforehand and you will be able to go back to work right afterwards.

You can watch some video examples here on youtube and see how consultations and treatments are carried out by ARCH registered colleagues. The videos will answer most of the questions you may have about the procedure.

You will see an example on the youtube videos of a 'gravity' system, with a water tank on the wall. Many colleagues like myself use a 'machine' to deliver and control the water. There is no difference with either of these systems to the procedure, the result, or the time taken to carry out a treatment. The type of equipment used is entirely up to the choice of individual therapists. Strict sterilization procedures for all equipment have to be adhered to by all ARCH registered members and disposable speculi and tubing are used for each treatment.

Please ring 01792 654751 during office hours for an appointment. The initial appointment will last up to two hours to give time for a full consultation before the treatment. The receptionist will ask for your card details to guarantee the appointment. You will not be charged until you have treatment and you can then pay by cash, cheque or card as you wish.

Please click here for all fees.

For more information please click here for a comprehensive FAQ.

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